[PODCAST] Next Talk #4: Jack Self

A talk about Home Economics and the future of housing.

In his lecture Jack Self asks urgent questions about the future of housing. Can the house ever escape its economic status as an asset? Should our homes still be considered private spaces? How do new types of families and households produce new spatial needs? What are the models of ownership, finance and work that make these conditions possible? Self explores the moral, political and economic ramifications of property and ownership in neoliberal debt economies, and asks what role the architect might play in addressing widening social and spatial inequality in the built environment.

When asked to describe the Next Economy in a soundbite, Self replied:

“The Next Economy is a model capable of taking the only positives from neoliberalism (entrepreneurship, innovation and individual liberty) while creating a system that is egalitarian, fair and inclusive. It is something that will emerge from within capitalism, although its cooperative ownership will resemble something closer to a conception of socialism.”

Jack Self (1987) is an architect and writer based in London. He is Director of the REAL foundation and editor of the Real Review. Self co-curated the 2016 British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. On May 20, 2016, he spoke about Home Economics during Next Talk #4 at IABR–2016–The Next Economy.