[PODCAST] Next Talk #2: Keller Easterling

A talk on Extrastatecraft, the infrastructure of the Next Economy and how to influence it.

Instead of just designing objects, architects should design “active forms” that affect cities and society. Keller Easterling focuses on invisible infrastructures that shape our world. People who affect rules, regulations and financial behavior have a larger impact on the built environment than designers who ‘merely’ create buildings. In Easterling’s words: “designers can only be successful if they not only design the ‘thing’, but also the ‘spin’ that accompanies it”. They should therefore should nurture their artistic curiosity about making active form; develop their hacker’s mentality. As was her message during IABR–2016’s NEXT TALK #2.

Keller Easterling is an architect, writer and currently Professor of Architecture at Yale University. She has written extensively on organization space and infrastructure space, most recently in her book Extrastatecraft. On May 6, 2016, she spoke about Extrastatecraft during Next Talk #2 at IABR–2016–The Next Economy.